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Digital Element Introduces NetAcuity Pulse Plus, the First IP-Based ZIP+4 Location Targeting Solution : Landmark Interactive

Digital Element Introduces NetAcuity Pulse Plus, the First IP-Based ZIP+4 Location Targeting Solution

April 21, 2016 | By

Atlanta, GA – April 20, 2016 – Continuing to address mobile marketers’ growing needs for more accurate and deeper data, Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions, today announced the newest edition to its NetAcuity platform of products with the introduction of Pulse Plus, the first IP-based ZIP+4 location targeting technology.

Pulse Plus is a first-of-its-kind ZIP+4 targeting solution that combines the device-derived data of NetAcuity Pulse with Digital Element’s proprietary technology that produces reverse-geocoding data feeds. Available for flat-file implementation, Pulse Plus combines this new intelligence with geographic shape and boundary files to produce the next generation of ZIP code targeting within the United States. Additionally, the Pulse Plus ZIP+4 data can be combined with demographics to produce even more granular and precise targeting for marketers.

“When we launched NetAcuity Pulse in 2014, it was the industry’s first mobile-centric IP targeting solution, and we have continued to research and develop the product in order to provide new depths of precision,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “Pulse Plus represents the next evolution of the product, delivering the first comprehensive IP-to-ZIP+4 targeting offering that provides marketers with even more granularity.”

“So many of our customers already use demographic data,” Friedman said, “but now they can combine that with Pulse Plus for more precise targeting. This will allow marketers to more accurately segment―and target―audiences with relevant messages wherever they live, work, travel and shop.”

In terms of ZIP+4 data granularity, these digits identify more pinpointed areas—such as a group of apartments or office buildings—or a high-volume mail receiver within a five-digit delivery zone to help with mail sorting and delivery. The sixth and seventh digits of ZIP+4 indicate a “delivery sector,” such as a group of streets, P.O. boxes, a group of buildings, or even a single high-rise building. The eighth and ninth digits designate a “delivery segment,” such as a specific side of a street, a floor in an office or apartment building, or a specific department within a large office.

Visit to see how restaurants, retailers, universities and political campaigns might use this type of precision targeting.


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